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※ All rooms are in the 5th building of the Graduate School of Science, unless otherwise noted. Please change E-mail's [at] to @.

E1 Condensed Matter Experiment

Job title Name Room Extension(FAX)

Quantum Materials

Professor Kenji Ishida 140 3752(3783) kishida[at]
Associate Professor Shingo Yonezawa 138 3783(3783) yonezawa[at]
Assistant Professor Shunsaku Kitagawa 139 3744 kitagawa.shunsaku.8u[at]

Quantum Condensed Matter

Professor Yuji Matsuda 240 3790 matsuda[at]
Professor Takahito Terashima Main Campus
Research Building #5, Room 407
9521 terashim[at]
Professor Yuhki Kohsaka 230 3780 kohsaka.yuhki.3j[at]
Associate Professor Yuichi Kasahara 238 3785 ykasahara[at]
Assistant Professor Shota Suetsugu 239 3777 suetsugu.shota.4n[at]

Low Temperature Physics

Professor Yutaka Sasaki Main Campus
Research Building #5, Room 307
3755(3755) sasaki[at]
Associate Professor Akira Matsubara Main Campus
Research Building #5, Room 307
3755(3755) akira[at]

E2 Optical Physics

Job title Name Room Extension(FAX)

Quantum Optics

Professor Yoshiro Takahashi 203 3745 yitk[at]
Associate Professor Yousuke Takasu 202 3765 takasu[at]
Assistant Professor Shintaro Taie 201 3810 taie[at]

Solid State Spectroscopy

Professor Koichiro Tanaka 118 3756(3757) kochan[at]
Associate Professor Nobuko Naka 120 3746 naka[at]
Assistant Professor Takashi Arikawa 122 3776 arikawa[at]

Nanophotonics (ICR)

Professor Yoshihiko Kanemitsu Uji Campus
0774-38-4510 kanemitu[at]
Associated Professor Hideki Hirori Uji Campus
0774-38-4512 hirori[at]
Assistant Professor Go Yumoto Uji Campus
0774-38-4513 yumoto.go.7m[at]

E3 Complex Systems Experiment

Job title Name Room Extension(FAX)

Physics of Disordered Systems

Assistant Professor Kiyonobu Nagaya 220 3772 nagaya[at]

Dissipative and Life Physics

Professor Akira Kakugo 228 3774 kakugo.akira.8n[at]
Lecturer Masatoshi Ichikawa 231 3671 ichi[at]

Softmatter Physics

Professor Jun Yamamoto 218 3788 junyama[at]
Associate Professor Yoichi Takanishi 220 3761 ytakanis[at]
Assistant Professor Taiki Yanagishima 222 3789 yanagishima.taiki.8y[at]

Biomolecular Structure - Neutron Scattering (KURRI, Kumatori)

Professor Yukio Morimoto KURRI
072-451-2371 morimoto[at]
Professor Masaaki Sugiyama KURRI
072-451-2670 sugiyama[at]
Associate Professor Rintaro Inoue KURRI
072-451-2455 rintaro[at]
Assistant Professor Akio Kawaguchi KURRI
072-451-2451 akawagch[at]
Assistant Professor Akiko Kita KURRI
072-451-2451 kita[at]
Assistant Professor Ken Morishima KURRI
072-451-2494 morishima[at]
Assistant Professor Aya Okuda KURRI
072-451-2411 okuda.aya.5r[at]

T1 Condensed Matter Theory

Job title Name Room Extension(FAX)

Theory of Condensed Matter Physics

Professor Norio Kawakami 440 3768 norio[at]
Professor Youichi Yanase 436 3771 yanase[at]
Associate Professor Ryusuke Ikeda 438 3794 ryusuke[at]
Associate Professor Tsuneya Yoshida 434 3778 yoshida.tsuneya.2z[at]
Lecturer Robert Peters 435 3674 peters[at]
Assistant Professor Masaki Tezuka 439 3798 tezuka[at]
Assistant Professor Akito Daido 437 3773 daido.akito.6s[at]

Physics of Matter: Condensed Matter Physics (YITP)

Professor Masatoshi Sato YITP Y201 7044 msato[at]
Associate Professor Keisuke Totsuka YITP K509 7014 totsuka[at]
Assistant Professor Ken Shiozaki YITP K512 7028 ken.shiozaki[at]
Assistant Professor Rina Tazai YITP K205 7055 rina.tazai[at]

T2 Statistical Physics - Dynamics

Job title Name Room Extension(FAX)

Statistical Physics and Dynamics 

Professor Shin-ichi Sasa 424 3743 sasa[at]
Associate Professor Sadayoshi Toh 428 3753(3805) toh[at]
Associate Professor Shinji Takesue 358 6783 takesue[at]
Associate Professor Takeaki Araki 426 3825 araki[at]
Associate Professor Kiyoshi Kanazawa (North building) 356 3781 kiyoshi[at]
Lecturer Andreas Dechant 411 3751 dechant.andreas.3z[at]
Assistant Professor Hikaru Kitamura 410 3750 kitamura[at]
Assistant Professor Takeshi Matsumoto 403 3805(3805) takeshi[at]

Physics of Matter: Statistical Dynamics (YITP)

Professor Hisao Hayakawa YITP K412 7024 hisao[at]
Associate Professor Masatoshi Murase YITP K513 7013 murase[at]
Assistant Professor Ryo Hanai YTTP K205 7055 hanai.ryo.3a[at]

Physics of Matter: Quantum Computing (YITP)

Associate Professor Tomoyuki Morimae YITP K405 7054 tomoyuki.morimae[at]

) MACS special Associate Professor

ICR - Chemical Research Institute| KURRI - Neutron Research Facility| YITP - Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics