E2 Optical Physics


Laser-Spectroscopy, Optical Properties, Nano-Photonics


The Optical Physics group is engaged in epochal research applying recent remarkable developments in optical technology to important questions in condensed matter physics. Instead of using conventional techniques of solid state physics, our original research aims at developing novel and unique methods with hitherto unseen accuracy and sensitivity to measure properties of quantum states, which could not be measured until now. Another strong point of our research is the ultimate control of light and matter with utmost accuracy up to controlling single quantum states.

This group consists of four laboratories,

  • Quantum Optics
  • Solid State Spectroscopy
  • Nanophotonics (ICR)

Each of them studies interesting material properties in laser-cooled ulta-low temperature quantum gases, materials having optically unique properties, nanostructured semiconductor, or metallic compounds using stable narrow linewidth coherent photon sources, ultra-short pulsed broad band and terahertz photon sources, X-ray and synchroton photon sources. Moreover, we utilize advanced spectroscopic techniques such as ultrahigh-resolution spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopic spectroscopy of single atomic- and molecular-level to conduct unique world-leading research.

E2 光量子物性実験群

Group Organization

Graduate School of Science

Quantum Optics (detail page)

Condensed matter physics in laser-cooled ultra-low temperature quantum gases and high precision measurements of quantum states

  • Professor:Yoshiro Takahashi/Laser-cooled atomic gases
  • Associate Professor:Yousuke Takasu/Laser-cooled atomic gases
  • Assistant Professor:Shintaro Taie/Laser-cooled atomic gases
Solid State Spectroscopy (detail page)

Optical properties of nonequilibrium states in photoexcited materials

  • Professor:Koichiro Tanaka /Optical properties, Terahertz optics
  • Associate Professor:Nobuko Naka/Solid-state spectroscopy, Semiconductor physics
  • Assistant Professor:Takashi Arikawa/Optical properties

Affiliated Research Center

Nanophotonics (ICR)(detail page)

Nanophotonics and nonlinear optical phenomena in semiconductor nanostructures

  • Professor:Yoshihiko Kanemitsu/Semiconductor physics, Nanoscience
  • Associate Professor:Hideki Hirori/THz time-domain spectroscopy
  • Assistant Professor:Go Yumoto/Ultrafast laser spectroscopy, Nano materials science

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