Entrance Examination

2023 Entrance Examination

Application Period

27.06.2022 (Monday) - 01.07.2022 (Friday)

Detailed information on graduate school entrance examination briefing sessions and past questions can be found at the following site.

Example of how to write the choice of laboratory column in the application

Applicants who wish to apply for Physics-I, please write one of the following symbols E1, E2, E3, T1, T2 representing the research field and the name of the desired laboratory in parenthesis. You may write the same group in multiple fields. For the 3rd and 4th choice, you can write an asterisk (*) inside the parenthesis applying for all laboratories in this group. Successful persons are chosen for each group. Finally, if you mistakenly entered * in the first and second choice, this field will be treated as blank (invalid).

An example is shown below.

Example (in Japanese)