E1 Condensed Matter Experiment


Ruthenium oxides, Iron-based superconductors, heavy-fermion systems, thin films and artificial superlattices of Cerium-based heavy-fermion systems, superfluid Helium-3, solid Helium-3, material research, single crystal growth, fabrication of thin films and nano-devices, nuclear-magnetic-resonance (NMR), charge transport and magnetic measurements, specific heat and thermal conductivity, microwaves, ultra-low temperature technology


The Condensed Matter Experiment group studies quantum phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems, liquid Helium, topological materials, quantum spin systems, etc. Strongly correlated materials are systems in which the effect of the interaction between electrons becomes strong, and they frequently exhibit several exotic quantum phenomena, including high temperature superconductivity and spin-triplet superconductivity. Through the exploration of these emergent quantum phases and the understanding of the mechanism behind them, we try to open up new research fields in condensed matter systems.
Our research targets are various quantum phenomena such as unconventional superconductivity and superfluidity, quantum magnetism, quantum criticality, topological quantum phenomena, and we study these exotic phenomena by microscopic and macroscopic probes. Our research technique involves materials research, single crystal growth, fabrication of thin films, development of precise measurement technologies and micro-fabrication technologies, high-resolution measurements of electric, magnetic, and thermal properties, and nuclear magnetic resonance.

This group consists of three laboratories:

  • Quantum Materials
  • Quantum Condensed Matter
  • Low Temperature Physics

which are engaged in the above described research.

E1 凝縮系物理学実験

Group Organization

Quantum Materials (detail page)

Unconventional Superconductivity and magnetism in Oxides and metallic compounds

  • Professor:Kenji Ishida/ NMR、strongly correlated systems
  • Associate Professor :Shingo Yonezawa/low temperature physics, superconductivity
  • Assistant Professor :Shunsaku Kitagawa/NMR, strongly correlated systems
Quantum Condensed Matter (detail page)

Superconductivity and magnetism in strongly correlated systems. Particularly, high temperature superconductivty, pseudogap phase, quantum critical phenomena, and quantum spin systems. Fabrication of nano structures, including thin films, artificial superlattices, and nano-devices, and development of new functional devices.

  • Professor:Yuji Matsuda/condensed matter physics、superconductivity、magnetism
  • Professor:Takahito Terashima/solid state inorganic chemistry、thin films
  • Professor:Yuhki Kohsaka/condensed matter physics, scanning tunneling spectroscopy, superconductivity
  • Associate Professor:Yuichi Kasahara/condensed matter physics, superconductivity、physics of interfaces
  • Assistant Professor:Shota Suetsugu/condensed matter physics, topological materials
Low Temperature Physics (detail page)

Liquid Helium, superfluidity, macroscopic quantum phenomena

  • Professor:Yutaka Sasaki /low temperature and ultra-low temperature physics、superfluidity、nuclear magnetism、NMR/MRI
  • Associate Professor:Akira Matsubara/low temperature and ultra-low temperature physics, superfluidity

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