T1 Condensed Matter Theory


Quantum Phases、Strong Correlations、Superconductivity・Superfluidity、Ultracold atoms、Topological Quantum Phenomena


Quantum many particle physics is an area of physics, where in the recent years continuously new ideas and concepts have been formulated. As explained in “More is different” (P.W. Anderson, 1977 Nobel Prize in Physics), in a system containing many particles, new phenomena can be observed, which cannot be explained by the theory governing the single particle. In such situations, the emergence of novel phases, e.g. superconductivity/superfluidity, in which the original symmetries of the system are broken, can often be observed. Condensed matter physics has become a treasure chamber for such emergent phenomena. Strongly correlated electron systems, ultracold atoms, liquid Helium, topological materials, quantum spin systems, etc., are the stage for predicting and explaining new quantum phases.

The condensed matter theory group studies these quantum many body phenomena. By explaining specific material properties from a microscopic view based on quantum theory, statistical physics, and electrodynamics, are aiming to understand the universal physics behind them. Besides research on unconventional superconductivity, superfluidity, Mott insulator, quantum magnetism, and related phenomena based on strong correlations, we are also engaged in recently thriving fields such as ultracold atoms and topological insulator/semimetal/superconductor.

This group consists of two laboratories、

  • Theory of Condensed Matter Physics
  • Physics of Matter: Condensed Matter Physics (YITP)

which both are engaged in the above described research.

T1 量子物性理論群

Group Organization

Graduate School of Science

Theory of Condensed Matter Physics (detail page)
  • Professor:Norio Kawakami/strong correlations, ultracold atoms, topological quantum phenomena
  • Professor:Youichi Yanase/strong correlations, unconventional superconductivity, topological superconductivity
  • Associate Professor:Ryusuke Ikeda/theory of superconductivity/superfluidity
  • Associate Professor:Tsuneya Yoshida/strongly correlated systems, topological phenomena
  • Lecturer:Robert Peters/strong correlations, topological quantum phenomena
  • Assistant Professor:Masaki Tezuka /ultracold atoms, strong correlations
  • Assistant Professor:Akito Daido /topological superconductivity

Affiliated Research Center

Physics of Matter: Condensed Matter Physics (YITP) (detail page)
  • Professor:Masatoshi Sato/topological quantum phenomena, quantum field theory
  • Associate Professor:Keisuke Totsuka/quantum magnetism, topological phases, entanglement
  • Assistant Professor:Ken Shiozaki/ topological phases
  • Assistant Professor:Rina Tazai/ many-body theory in strongly correlated electron system

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