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Springer theses award

Springer theses awardとは

Springer thesesは世界から選ばれたトップレベルの大学院で極めて優秀と評価された博士論文を顕彰し、一冊の独立した本として出版するプロジェクトです。



受賞年 受賞者 指導教員 Springer Theses Title 出版年月日 URL
2021 Okazaki, Yuta Nakaya, Tsuyoshi Search for direct production of charginos and neutralinos using final states with highly boosted hadronically decaying bosons in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
2020 Sato, Yuki Matsuda, Yuji Quantum Oscillations and Charge-Neutral Fermions in Topological Kondo Insulator YbB12 2021/11/6 https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-16-5677-4
2019 Shuntaro, Sumita Youichi, Yanase Modern Classification Theory of Superconducting Gap Nodes 2020/12/16 https://www.springer.com/in/book/9789813342637
2019 Kimura, Mariko Nogami Daisaku Observational and Theoretical Studies on Dwarf-nova Outbursts 2020/10/29 https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-8912-6
2018 Nagao, Kazuma Totsuka,Keisuke; Danshita, Ippei Fluctuations and Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in Strongly-Correlated Ultracold Atoms 2020/8/26 https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789811571701
2018 Nakagiri, Kota Ichikawa, Atsuko Search for the Decay KL→ π0 ν ν at the J-PARC KOTO Experiment 2019/1/18 https://doi.org/10.14989/doctor.k21564
2018 Notsu, Shota Mineshige,Shin; Nomura Hideko Water Snowline in Protoplanetary Disks 2020/9/2 https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-7439-9
2017 Haga, Taiki Sasa, Shin-ichi Renormalization Group Analysis of Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Driven Disordered Systems 2019/1/25 https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789811361708
2016  Doi, Takahiro Suganuma, Hideo Lattice QCD study for the relation between confinement and chiral symmetry breaking 2017/10/10 www.springer.com/jp/book/9789811065958
2016  Sada, Yuta Nagae, Tomofumi Structure near the K-+p+p threshold in the in-flight 3He(K-,Λp)n reaction
2015  Uematsu, Yuki Araki, Takeaki Electro-Osmosis of Polymer Solutions 2017/1/11 www.springer.com/jp/book/9789811034237
2015  Hamada, Yuta Kawai, Hikaru Higgs Potential and Naturalness After the Higgs Discovery 2017/1/30 www.springer.com/jp/book/9789811034176
2014  Kikawa, Tatsuya Nakaya, tsuyoshi Measurement of Neutrino Interactions and Three Flavor Neutrino Oscillations in the T2K Experiment 2015/9/18 www.springer.com/jp/book/9789812877147
2014  Nemoto, Takahiro Sasa, Shin-ichi Phenomenological Structure for the Large Deviation Principle in Time-Series Statistics 2015/11/6 www.springer.com/jp/book/9789812878106
2014  Moritsu, Manabu Nagae, Tomofumi Search for the Pentaquark Θ+ via the π−p → K−X Reaction at J-PARC 2016/2/17 www.springer.com/jp/book/9789811000102
2014  Kanazawa, Kiyoshi Hayakawa, Hisao Statistical Mechanics for Athermal Fluctuation 2017/11/20 www.springer.com/jp/book/9789811063305
2013  Ieki, Kei Nakaya, Tsuyoshi Observation of ν_μ→ν_e Oscillation in the T2K Experiment 2015/12/24 www.springer.com/jp/book/9784431558354
2012  Okazaki, Ryuji Matsuda, Yuji Hidden Order and Exotic Superconductivity in the Heavy-Fermion Compound URu2Si2 2013/11/29 www.springer.com/jp/book/9784431545910
2012  Nakamura, Katsuro Nagae, Tomofumi Longitudinal Double-Spin Asymmetry of Electrons from Heavy Flavor Decays in Polarized p + p Collisions at √s = 200 GeV 2014/5/21 www.springer.com/jp/book/9784431546153
2011  Kyutoku, Koutarou Masaru Shibata The Black Hole-Neutron Star Binary Merger in Full General Relativity 2013/1/11 www.springer.com/jp/book/9784431542001
2011  Hashimoto, Kenichiro Shibauchi, Takasada Non-Universal Superconducting Gap Structure in Iron-Pnictides Revealed by Magnetic Penetration Depth Measurements 2013/2/12 www.springer.com/jp/book/9784431542933