T2 Statistical Physics - Dynamics


Statistical physics, Fluid mechanics, Phase transitions, Nonlinear physics, Nonequilibrium physics, Quantum information


Our research aims at understanding the laws concerning collective behavior and dynamics of many particle systems. We theoretically study a variety of phenomena such as phase transitions, transport phenomena, turbulence, the appearance of functionality, computational capability etc. in quantum as well as classical many particle systems such as fluids, macromolecules, gels, liquids, heterogeneous systems such as powders and glasses, neural networks, molecular machines, living organisms, and quantum computers. Our group uses a variety of different research techniques such as finding and understanding the mechanism behind new phenomena by mathematical modeling and numerical simulations, developing new mathematical analysis tools, proposing new frameworks and phenomena based on theoretical calculations.

Thus, a characteristic of this group is its wide range of research subjects and phenomena combined with variable theoretical techniques. We actively challenge phenomena that cannot be explained by traditional physics and work on research topics in boundary areas between chemistry, biology, geography, engineering, information science and others. On the other hand, fundamental research topics such as the origin of irreversibility and ordered states are also covered. In any case, we would like to emphasize that we are doing fundamental physics based on the development of physics in the past, which attempts to systemize the laws behind natural phenomena.

This group consists of three laboratories、

  • Statstical Physics and Dynamics
  • Quantum Information and Physics
  • Physics of Matter: Statistical Dynamics (YITP)

which are engaged in the above described research.

T2 統計物理・ダイナミクス

Group Organization

Graduate School of Science

Statistical Physics and Dynamics (detail page)
  • Professor: Shin-ichi Sasa/Physics, Statistical Physics
  • Professor: Keiji Saito/Statistical Physics
  • Associate Professor: Takeaki Araki/Softmatter, Dynamics of Phase Transitions, Statistical Physics
  • Associate Professor: Kiyoshi Kanazawa/ Statistical physics, stochastic processes, econophysics
  • Lecturer: Andreas Dechant/Statistical Physics, Stochastic Processes
  • Assistant Professor: Hikaru Kitamura/Quantum Dynamics, Properties of Liquid Metals
  • Assistant Professor: Takeshi Matsumoto/Turbulence, Fluids

Affiliated Research Center

Physics of Matter: Statistical Dynamics (YITP) (detail page)

Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Powders, Fluctuations

  • Professor:Hisao Hayakawa/Nonequilibrium physics, Granular physics
  • Associate Professor: VU Tan Van/Nonequilibrium physics, Quantum dynamics
  • Assistant Professor:Ryo Hanai/Non-equilibrium many-body physics
Quantum Computing (YITP)  (詳細ページへ)
  • Associate Professor: Tomoyuki Morimae

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List of Academic Staff