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Education/Job Career History

  • 2007/03 Ph.D. in Science, from Nagoya University, Japan
  • 2007/04-2007/11 Postdoc Researcher, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
  • 2007/12-2008/10 Postdoc Researcher, Research Center for Low temperature and Materials Sciences, Kyoto University
  • 2008/11- GCOE Postdoc Researcher, Division of Physics and Astrophysics, Kyoto University

Research History

I investigated following experimental researches about "influence of the dimensionality of quantum fluids".
Adsorption potentials and film growths of helium on nanometer scale pores
Controlling the dimensionality by using helium film adsorbed on nanometer scale pores
Influence of the dimensionality of 4He films on superfluidity

Research Plan at GCOE

I am investigating following experimental researches about "quantum fluids and solids".
Controlling the superfluid order parameter of superfluid 3He by using nanometer scale structure
Role of 3He impurity in supersolid 4He


Liquid helium is a typical quantum fluid. Liquefication of helium was realized about a hundred years ago. After that, numerous studies have been done on quantum fluids. As a results, a lot of new findings like superfluidity and superconductivity, were obtained. There are already a lot of knowledge for quantum fluids. But the investigation of quantum fluids is still providing many new findings. We can also find new phenomena on the quantum solids. I think that I would like to contribute to the prosperous future through the investigation of quantum fluids and solids.