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OTANI, Kazuto

OTANI Kazuto

Education/Job Career History

  • 2008 Ph.D from Department of Physics, Osaka University
  • 2008 Apr.-Nov. Postdoc in Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University
  • 2008 Dec.-Present Postdoc in Global COE program, Kyoto University

Research History

Reduction of Rayleigh-Taylor instability growth with cocktail color laser irradiation, Measurement of preheating due to radiation and nonlocal electron heat transport in laser-irradiated targets.

Research Plan at GCOE

By irradiating an intense laser pulse on a thin foil, electrons at the surface under the laser irradiation are strongly accelerated to a direction of the laser, and penetrate the foil. The ions on the rear surface of the foil are considered to be accelerated by this sheath field induced by above fast electrons. The purposes of my research are clarifying the features of the sheath field and developing a novel scheme for generation of multi-MeV monochromatic ion beam by using an intense-ultrashort laser pulse.


I hope the lasers become familiar to many people.