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MORITA, Hidetoshi

MORITA, Hidetoshi

Education/Job Career History

  • 2005 Ph.D from Department of Basic Science, University of Tokyo
  • 2005-2007 Research Assistant / Visiting Research Associate, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
  • 2007-2009 Postdoctorant, Institut Non Lineaire de Nice (INLN), CNRS

Research History

Non-equilibrium phenomena in Hamiltonian dynamical systems with many degrees of freedom
Universal network characteristics of proteins
Non-equilibrium phenomena in the vicinity of macroscopic stationary flows in two-dimensional turbulence

Research Plan at GCOE

Two-dimensional (2D) turbulence often self-organize large scale patterns. Well-known examples are Jupiter’s red spot and Kuroshio. Such macroscopic stationary flows in 2D turbulence are well described as equilibrium states in statistical mechanics applied to 2D Euler equations, which has been studied intensively over the last two decades. On the other hand, thermodynamic systems, to which statistical mechanics is most often applied, show at first relaxation to and fluctuations around the equilibrium states, and then macroscopic non-stationary motions such as limit cycles, when they move further away from equilibrium. Then how about in 2D turbulence macroscopically further away from stationary (equilibrium, in terms of statistical mechanics) flow? What kinds of non-equilibrium phenomena are observed? This is the subject of my study.


I feel happy to study in the academic atmosphere of Kyoto University and the town of Kyoto, which I have vaguely yearned for since I was a teenager.