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Education/Job Career History

  • 2009 Ph.D from Department of Physics, Tohoku University
  • 2009 Assistant Professor, Tohoku University
  • 2011 GCOE postdoctoral fellow, Kyoto University

Research History

I have studied nuclear density distributions by means of proton elastic scattering.
Nuclear size and density distribution are fundamental properties of nucleus.
Proton-nucleus elastic scattering at intermediate energies is one of the suitable tools to deduce the density distribution.
Furthermore, the optical potential describing the scattering is one of the fundamental quantities of nuclear reactions because particles incident on the nucleus feel the optical potential at ?rst.
Therefore, precise and extensive measurements of the scattering are worthwhile to understand the nuclear structure, the reaction, and the related ?eld such as evolution of universe.

Research Plan at GCOE

We will develop a new technique to extract proton and neutron density distributions simultaneously.


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