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KABUKI, Shigeto

KABUKI, Shigeto

Education/Job Career History

  • 2005 Ph.D from Department of Physics, The Univeristy of Tokyo
  • 2005-2009 Sangakukan-Postdoctral fellow at Kyoto University
  • 2009-GCOE-Postdoctral fellow at Kyoto University

Research History

High energy astrophysics using an imaging atomospheric Cherenkov telescope. Medical imaging gammra-ray camera using an electron-traking Compton camera.

Research Plan at GCOE

I develop a gamma-ray camera for medical imaging using an electron-tracking Compton camera(ETCC). Our ETCC has a wide energy dynamic range (200-1300 keV) and wide field of view (3 sr), and thus has potential for advanced medical use. We succeeded in imaging the bodies of mice and ETCC is usefull for imaging the human and promising for the design of new imaging reagents.


You may feel difficult about physics, however physics affects the various places of society. I hope to introduce into the potential of the next generation of physics through the study of GCOE.