GCOE Member

Member Introductions

OTA, Kazuaki


Education/Job Career History

  • 2009 : Ph.D from Department of Physics, Osaka University
  • 2009-2011 : Postdoc in CQUeST
  • 2011- :Postdoc in Global COE program, Kyoto University

Research History

Matrix model, string theory, (Supersymmetric) gauge theory

Research Plan at GCOE

Superstring theory is considered to be a consistent theory of quantum gravity. Although a complete (non-perturbative) definition of this theory is still lacking, such definition is expected to be given as a continuum limit of a matrix model. In this research, I try to gain a deeper understanding of this description of the string theory by investigating the relation between strings and the matrix model. Using the matrix model, I will also try to verify the gauge/gravity duality which is conjectured to exist in the string theory.


I am happy to be able to join this GCOE program.