Professor Takahiro Tanaka awarded the 8th (FY2011)JSPS PRIZE and the 8th Japan Academy Medal
2012. 1. 30

Professor Takahiro Tanaka has been selected to receive the 8th JSPS PRIZE and the 8th Japan Academy Medal.

The JSPS PRIZE was established in FY2004 by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and are awarded each year to young researchers under 45 years of age who have obtained excellent scientific research achievements. The Japan Academy Medal was also instituted in the same year for the purpose of giving formal recognition to outstanding young researchers and encouraging them in their future work. Awardees are selected from among the annual recipients of the JSPS Prize and, this year, six awardees including Prof. Tanaka have been selected.

The reason of the award is "Gravity of Brane-World".

The physics of spacetime was initiated by A. Einstein in his theory of General Relativity, and its validity has been proven by various observations. On the other hand, according to the new cosmology based on string theory, it has been predicted that the space-time has more than four dimensions and our universe is realized on a 3+1-dimensional membrane-like object moving inside, called "brane".

Prof. Tanaka has been leading the development of this new cosmology. If our "brane" is inside a spacetime with more than 4 dimensions, gravity should propagate along the brane as well as through the extra dimensions, and consequently the law of gravitation deviates from Einstein's theory. Prof. Tanaka developed a new perturbative computation scheme to study this deviation, and his result can be used to capture the evidence of extra dimensions through observations. This is recognized as one of his important achievements.


the 8th Japan Academy Medal

[Figure Caption: Schematical view of braneworld: A brane on which our observable three dimensional world is localized is embedded in higher dimensional space. ]