Postdoctoral Fellowship: Division of Physics and Astronomy

The Division of Physics and Astronomy at Kyoto University has, through its research activity, acted as a center of intellectual activity without rival in Japan. This high level of intellectual activity has at its foundation a philosophy of education and research that emphasizes self-teaching. This philosophy has arisen from an academic tradition with reverence for free and independent thinking and dialogue. With the keywords "universality" and "emergence," the proposed Global COE program aims to build on the accomplishments of the 21st Century COE. All staff members of the Global COE program are faculty in the Division of Physics and Astronomy, Graduate School of Science at Kyoto University. Some of them have joint appointments at the Kwasan and Hida Observatories, the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, the Institute for Chemical Research, or the Research Center for Low Temperature and Materials Sciences. Our division acts as the center for a number of large-scale international research projects and collaborations, and the research of its members covers almost all areas of physics. Using this expertise, while pushing the boundaries of individual fields into new forefront areas and seeking yet undiscovered emergent phenomena, we will explore the frontiers at which new fields are created and the relations among existing fields are discovered.

To accelerate the research activities, we are seeking candidates for Postdoctral fellowship.

  1. Title and Number of Positions:

    Total of about 4 Postdoctral fellowships

  2. Affiliation :

    The Global COE program: Division of Physics and Astronomy

  3. Research Fields :

    Physics and Astrophysics

  4. Duration of Contract :

    Contract may begin from April 1st, 2009. The contract lasts through March 31st, 2010. The term may be extended up to March 31st, 2011 depending on his/her performance.

  5. Qualifications :

    Applicant must have a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree.

  6. Application deadline :

    January 30th, 2009, 12:00 noon Japan Standard Time
    The following documents, in PDF, must be submitted to:
    Professor Hikaru Kawai, GCOE Leader
    E-mail:  gcoe-pd-apply(at)
    E-mail Subject should be "Application to GCOE-PD"
    Sizes of files should be limited to 10MB.(Send separate e-mails when the file size exceeds 10MB) Send in all required documents at once (or with additional e-mail for item 6). Item7 should be sent directly from the recommenders. We will not accept any application in an INCOMPLETE format.

    1. The PD application form (Download from here)
    2. Curriculum Vitae
    3. List of publications
    4. Summary of past research (about 2 pages in A4 format)
    5. Research plan (about 2 pages in A4 format)
    6. Three (at most) major papers
    7. Two letters of recommendations (The recommendation letters must be submitted to via e-mail by the recommenders by January 30th, 2009, 12:00 noon Japan Standard Time. The E-mail subject should be “Recommendation for GCOE-PD”)
  7. . For more information on our GCOE, visit our web site at:
    (Japanese top page)

    (English top page)
  8. Please contact our administration office ( if you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgement after submission.
  9. Terms of Contract:
    The selected candidates will receive salaries from the COE Program, about JPY 350,000 per month. In addition research grant will be available on annual basis.

  10. Please contact your desired supervisor at our GCOE member before submitting your application.

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