Publication Support
ended on Jan 18th, 2013.

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Support for Publication:For academic year 2012, support per publication has been increased to JPY 200,000.
The Global COE Program The Next Generation of Physics, Spun from Universality and Emergence covers all publication fees for academic papers published in scholarly jouirnals if the research in question meets the following criteria.
The applicant (who must be a member of the Global COE -- a faculty member, a GCOE Post doc, or student) must submit the required documents to the GCOE Research Support Committee. (Send E-mail to: gcoe-support add @ and The application will be reviewd by a committee, which will grant the request for support if it deems the request worthy. Please carefully read the application procedure described below (A and B) before submitting the documents.

A. Requirements for Application

・The publication must be a research paper or conference paper which has been reviewd for publication
・The applicant must be an author of the publication.

If the author is a JSPS Post Doc, no support can be given.
(Please indicate which author is the Global COE researcher.)
The research must be a result of work carried out as official activity of the Global COE, and the following acknowledgement must appear (with slight modifications allowable): This work was supported by the Grant-in-Aid for the Global COE Program "The Next Generation of Physics, Spun from Universality and Emergence" from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan.
Even if the text is changed slightly, it is required that the name of the Global COE, The Next Generation of Physics, Spun from Universality and Emergence, be included
The use of colors for figures should be within bounds of common sense. (The "online only” color option is recommended.)
Reprint fees will not be paid.
Exception: In the case that paying a reprint fee is a condition for publication, the GCOE will pay for the smallest possible number of reprints only. The invoice should indicate whether the reprint charge is included, and if so the number of reprints should be indicated. If the invoice does not include the reprint charge, then an electronic printout of the invoice is sufficient.
・Support will be paid up to but not exceeding JPY200,000 per publication. If the invoice amount
・The invoice issued by the publisher should be dated within fiscal year 2012 (April 1, 2012 --March 30, 2013).
The date of publication must also be within fiscal year 2012. The invoice should be submitted to the GCOE office within one month after the inovice has been issued. Please submit the invoice to the office as soon as you receive it. Old invoices may not be honored.
*Even if the above criteria are not satisfied, application is acceptable if the invoice amount is divided into two, so that the invoice amount does not exceed JPY200,000. The remaining amount should be covered by Uneihi. If there are any special questions or exceptions, please contact the Research Support Committee.

B. Procedure for Application

1. The applicant must read the “ Requirements for Application” thoroughly.
2. The applicant should send an “Application E-mail” to the GCOE Research Support Committee.

A PDF file containing the manuscript of the paper to be published and a copy of the invoice should be attached with this E-mail.
The following is an example of the Application E-mail:
The applicant must be included in the list of authors
Applicant: Akira TANAKA (YITP Research Fellow)
Note 1: GCOE Researchers must include their affiliation: Division of Physics and Astrophysics, the Graduate School of Science, Kwasan and Hida Obsevatories, YITP, Institute for Chemical Research, or Research Center for Low Temperature and Materials Sciences.
Note 2: If the applicant is a student, his/her supervisor’s name must appear
?Information regarding paper
A. Tanaka and B. Suzuki,"Tunnelling Spectroscopy of the Interface"PASJ: Publ. Astron. Soc.
Japan 59, 123-133 (2007). Published on April 25, 2007.
Note 1: It must be indicated that the proper acknowledgement has been included.
Note 2: A .pdf file containing the manuscript must be attached to the E-mail.
?Invoice Amount
Publication charge: ¥60,500.
Reprints: None
Tax: ¥3,025
Total: ¥63,525
Note 1: The total must be less than JPY 100,000.
Note2: If one or more color pages are being made, an explanation regarding this should be given.
“The publication fee includes the cost of one color page. ( The additional fee for this page is JPY 25,000.) Color is necessary for this page, because the figure it contains cannot be understood if it is in black and white. All other figures are "color online only".
・Invoice details
Issue date: October 5th 2012
I have attached a PDF of the invoice.

The publication has to be accepted within the fiscal year.

We need to know the accepted date of publication.
If the PDF file Does not show the accepted day, attach an e-mail which prove the accepted day.

3. The Research Support Committee will inform you of the result for your application.

4. If your request for support is granted, the required documents must be submitted. For members of YITP, these should be submitted to the YITP office. For everyone else, they should be submitted to the GCOE Office.
a. For domestic journal publication.
Submit the following:
*An estimate and an invoice. An invoice with an old date is not acceptable.
*A printed copy of the research paper.
*A print out of the acceptance e-mail sent by the Research Support Committee informing you that your request for support has been granted.
b. For overseas journal publication
Submit the following:
*An invoice. A translation of the invoice. (A sample translation can be found in the secretaries’ room.)
*Bank transfer form
Indicate: method of payment, whether payment to be made before or after the publication, the recipient (name of company, etc.), name of the company if it is different from the name of the recipient, bank code number, name of bank, name of branch, address (including country) of branch, account number, amount of any service charge, purpose of transfer, approximate amount in JPY, currency, total amount, any message to the recipient.
Note: Any service charge will be payed by Kyoto University. However, if the recipient is paying this please state so.
*A printed copy of the paper.
*A print out of the acceptance e-mail sent by the Research support Committee informing you that your request for support has been granted.
c. In the case of payment that has been made in advance
*Invoice must be under JPY 200.000.
*Attach a document that proves that payment has been made (i.e. a receipt).

5. All offices (GCOE, YITP and departments) will take care of the following.
?For domestic journals, the same procedures should be followed.
?For overseas journals, documents must be checked by the staff of the appropriate office and should be sent to the business office of the Graduate School of Science.
?A copy of the paper must be submitted to the GCOE office for YITP applicants.
?The GCOE Office will keep a copy.

Once the applicant’s request for support has been granted by the GCOE, the paper will be listed as one of research works of the GCOE
on the official website. This is a MUST.
Please send the title of the paper, the author, the year published, the journal name, and the number of pages to
eri-hayashi. Please try to include details as exemplified below:
(a href="") Discovery of a Peculiar Pulsar in the Small Magellanic Cloud (/a)
Ueno, M., Yamaguchi, H. Takagi, S., Yokogawa, J., Koyama, K. 2004, Publ. Astron. Soc. Jpn., 56, 175-179