GCOE Bilateral International Exchange Program (2012) starts!

The Kyoto University, the global COE (GCOE) “The Next Generation of Physics, Spun from Universality and Emergence“ offers the bilateral international exchange program (BIEP) which allows researchers at Departments of Physics, Department of Astronomy, and Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics to invite graduate students of institutions of other countries to Japan for some periods between one and three months to participate in research activities, including scientific discussions, attending seminars, and writing joint papers with the host researchers. Applications for this program must be submitted to the
GCOE office through a host researcher who belongs either to Departments of Physics, Department of Astronomy, or Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University.

  1. Deadlines for application:

      First Application:the end of January
      Second Application: the end of May
      Third Application: the end of July (only the Departments of Physics, Department of Astronomy )

  2. Numbers of Students Supported:

    Approximately 10 students will be invited each fiscal year.

  3. Period of Fellowship :

    1) Fellowships are awarded for a period of 1 to 3 months.
    2) The program does not allow visitors during the month of March.

  4. Support :

    1) One round-trip air ticket (economy class)
    2) A per diem determined as follows:
    *this amount is maximum base.(it depends on the actual lodging expense)

    1st day to 31st day 10,000 Japanese yen per day
    32nd day to 61st day 9,000 JY per day
    after 62nd day 8,000 JY per day
  5. Application Procedure :

    a)Applicants should contact a prospective host researcher in the Department of Physics, the Department of Astronomy, or the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics.
    b) Application deadline (for host institution): 3 months before the start of the stay.

    Application Form : Download from here

  6. Eligibility:
    To be eligible, students must be currently enrolled with good standing at their home university.
  7. Travel Insurance :

    If the application is accepted, the invited student will be required to purchase travel insurance covering the entire period of their stay in Japan.

  8. Activity Report :

    Participants in this program are required to submit a report in which they summarize their activity at Kyoto University before they depart Japan.

    Activity Report Form : Download from here

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